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Heating Installation Tips, Mooresville, NC

If you want more heating installation tips or help getting your Mooresville, NC HVAC system prepared for the winter months, call us today.

Heating Installation Tips, Mooresville, NCInstalling your home heating system can be a daunting task. Here are a few heating installation tips to help you correctly install your wall heaters for your home.

Pick the Right Wall Heater

There are several different types of wall heaters: electric, convection, micathermic, and radiant. All of the heaters have pros and cons, but they all work effectively when heating your home, so it comes down to cost and preference.

  • Electric wall heaters produce convection heating that is dispersed with a motorized fan. Some models use radiant heat and electric coils with reflective backs to help them heat your home.
  • Convection heaters push warm air out with a blower to circulate through the home. They create fast and effective heat by aeration that’s perfect for basements, dens, and garages.
  • Micathermic wall heaters use a combination of radiant and convection heating. They provide the most even and widespread hot air.
  • Radiant wall heaters are great at heating smaller rooms in a short amount of time. Heat is created by a hot surface and then reflected out and around without the aid of a blower. However, radiant heaters may not be preferred by households with children, as the units can get quite hot.

Have the Right Tools

One of the smartest heating installation tips is easy: be prepared! By having the following tools on hand, installing your heater will be fast and easy:

   Your Chosen Wall Heater


   Measuring Tape

   Stud Finder

   Wire Connectors

   Drywall Saw

Always Be Safe

Above all, the most important heating installation tip is to always be safe and use caution when installing heating units or anything else in the home. Always keep your heater’s instruction manual on hand and make sure to both read and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Make sure you turn off electricity and avoid any hot wires when drilling or cutting into drywall. If you are unsure of anything to do with your electrical systems, make sure to contact a professional electrician to install a new circuit.

If you want more heating installation tips or help getting your HVAC system prepared for the winter months, call us at Island Point H.V.A.C Services INC. today. We pride ourselves on expert HVAC repair and installation services in Mooresville, NC, as well as excellent customer service. Don’t get left out in the cold. Let us get your home comfortable for the upcoming winter!