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Help! How Long Will A Heating Repair Take?

heating repairWhen it comes to heating your home, it may feel like your heater always breaks down when you need it most. If you’re in need of an emergency heating repair, you’ll be happy to know that a heater can usually be fixed within a day. However, keep in mind that the exact amount of time a heating repair takes will depend on the problem.

There are a few common problems that usually arise with heaters. For example, in many cases, the filter may just need to be replaced in order to restore full functionality to the system. The good news is that changing out the filter is one quick heating repair that takes hardly any time at all.

Another quick heating repair involves relighting the pilot light. Sometimes, the pilot light on your furnace may go out and in order for your furnace to work, it needs to be relit. Although this is a quick fix, it can be a little dangerous since it deals with fire. Plus, if the pilot light doesn’t stay lit, there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Problems with the heat exchanger, blower motor, inducer motor, and control board usually mean it’s time to replace your furnace. While this will be a little pricey, it won’t take too long since most furnaces can be installed in a day. The main benefit of having a new furnace is having an energy efficient unit that can decrease the cost of your energy bills.

If you’re having heating problems, don’t fret. We can come take a look at your system and get your furnace repaired or replaced in no time.

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