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How to Care for Your AC Both Inside and Out

ACThe heat is coming, and hopefully staying for a while, and this means your AC will be back on the job for the season. This also means that higher electric bills will follow.

Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game with your AC maintenance schedule. It’s best to inspect and service your AC unit before the warmest day of the year is upon us and leaves you with an unexpected repair. With AC replacements being expensive to replace, having your AC unit serviced regularly is worth the money and time spent.

We have some tips on how to maintain your AC both inside and outside of your home:


  1. Change your air filters regularly, which means monthly. Your filters can be purchased at your local hardware or department store.
  2. Use the proper air filter designated for your home. For older homes, fiberglass filters are choice and for newer homes Filtrete air filters are preferable.
  3. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees inside the house. This is a comfortable setting that will enable you to be energy efficient, reasonably comfortable and save money on your electrical bills.
  4. If there are rooms in your house that are infrequently used, shut the AC vents in the rooms and close the doors. There is no sense in cooling an empty room that isn’t in use.


  1. Make sure that your outside unit is free of foliage, shrubbery or other environmental debris. Also ensure that the top of your unit isn’t inhibited by any trees, shrubbery or foreign objects. Usually a 5ft clearance is a safe bet.
  2. Shut off your AC at the thermostat and also at the power breaker box and hose down your unit. This is best done in both the spring and fall for proper care and maintenance.
  3. Have your AC unit serviced at least once a year by an industry professional. They are trained to determine any inefficiencies or advise preventative care for your system.

Island Point H.V.A.C. Services INC. provides yearly service agreements for regular and seasonal maintenance. We can help you take the worry out of your AC care and maintenance. We are in the service of maintaining and repairing not coming in and selling. We are the professionals that you can feel comfortable about having in your home, and we proudly offer trustworthy and honest service.

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