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Ten Benefits That Only a Regularly Serviced Air Conditioner Can Offer

Air ConditionerIt goes without saying that one of the most blissful, and gratifying features of any home is a reliable air conditioner. In the summer months, seeking refuge in a house kept cool by your air conditioner is the best way to beat the heat. Only 1 in 4 people actually have proper, regular maintenance schedules for their air conditioner units. The differences between having an air conditioner that is regularly maintained and inspected, versus one that is neglected, are huge. Here are 10 benefits that only a regularly serviced air conditioner can offer your home and family:

  1. A comfortable in-home temperature. During those hot, sweaty summer months, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to fall into ill-repair. Not only is a replacement or repair costly, but it also leaves you warmer than you’d like to be given the summer season.
  2. It lessens heat-fatigue. According to WebMD, heat-fatigue “is a heat-related illness that can occur after you’ve been exposed to high temperatures, and it often is accompanied by dehydration.” Having a working air conditioner can help prevent you from falling ill with heat fatigue. Having a well-maintained air conditioner is especially beneficial to homes or establishments that are housing elderly family members, as they are most susceptible to forms of heat-fatigue.
  3. Lower Humidity. Modern-day air conditioners de-humidify as they cool. Lack of humidity control in particularly humid regions can lead to mold issues and other moisture-related problems.
  4. Better Sleep. The temperature of your sleeping area and how comfortable you feel in it affect the quality of your rest.
  5. Extends Air Conditioner Unit Longevity. A well-maintained air conditioner will likely last longer, costing you less in repairs and replacement over the lifetime of your home.
  6. Decreases Energy Use. Having an AC unit that is well-maintained can decrease a home’s energy use by 20-30 percent. The cooling effect you get from an AC unit uses less energy than that of multiple fans running in a home.
  7. Reduces Energy Bills. A properly maintained air conditioner means that it is operating at its most efficient level. A dirty air filter, for example, can prevent air flow to the condenser coil, causing the unit to work harder and expend more energy, which means a higher electricity bill for the homeowner.
  8. Creates Ventilation. A proper air conditioner not only cools and dehumidifies a house, but also creates better ventilation. Proper ventilation means better air quality and prevents airborne allergen contamination.
  9. Noise Reduction. An air conditioning unit that is in ill-repair can be noisy. Whether it’s the fan or the sound of it kicking on or off, a unit that has problems can create some loud and unpleasant noise.
  10. Health and Safety. A properly cared for air conditioner has numerous safety designations. Filters that are changed monthly can reduce dust mites, remove airborne allergens, diminish carbon monoxide danger and alleviates fire hazards from accumulated contaminants. The dehumidifier in an air conditioner also reduces mold growth. 

You can keep your air conditioner running smoothly by scheduling an inspection. Island Point H.V.A.C. Services INC. is #1 for customer service. We have the same price point, no matter the time of day that you call for service. We have over 20 years of experience in keeping our customers happy. Call us today to talk about a yearly service schedule.

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