Take Better Care of Your HVAC System

A well-qualified contractor will maintain your unit

Every HVAC system requires routine maintenance. Island Point HVAC Services is the company for the job. We offer two-year service plans for both heating and cooling systems. You'll get a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system. Plus, we'll diagnose problems and suggest either repairs or replacements.

Our plans are based on a single-unit system. You can include one additional unit for a $100 charge and second and third units for $50 each. Sign up for a maintenance plan from Island Point HVAC Services today.

Choose from several maintenance plans

We offer three tiers of service plans. Each include full inspection and cleaning services and 10% discounts on small repair labor. You can choose from:

  • Entry - including 5% discounts on installations - $17/month
  • Standard - including a 7.5% discount on installations - $21/month
  • Gold - including a 10% discount on installations - $25/month

We also offer a special plan for military members, police and firefighters. You'll get priority scheduling and a 12.5% discount on both repair labor and installations. Learn more about our service plans now.

Military, Police, Firefighter Service Plan

$21 per month
Inspection and cleaning of your system
12.5% discount on installations